We treat every event as a unique opportunity to create the extraordinary.

With our countless years of combined experience, our minds are trained to think outside of the box. From the initial conversation to event day, we guide and collaborate with our clients throughout the entire process. It is our job to make your life easy and this is how we start…


The Consultation

One of our event managers will start an initial conversation with you to get all of the details of your event. This includes venue information, guest count, budgets, key objectives and the main purpose of the event, among other details.


The Design

After an in-depth discussion, our creative team will work to create a highly-detailed design proposal, complete with renderings, floor plans, comprehensive visuals and swatches. In this presentation, you will see the various elements of your event start to take shape.


The Strategy

We know that design is an ever changing, fluid process and that you will have edits and revisions that need to be made along the way. During this time, various changes are made as needed and budgets are finalized. We speak directly with the venue and various other partners to confirm the logistics of your entire event, making sure we are working seamlessly with the entire team.


The Build

After all details are finalized, we get to work creating your design proposal into three-dimensional works of art. Floral arrangements are produced, furniture is built and our trucks are packed and ready to go. On the day of your event, our team operates with military precision and your event takes shape onsite, leaving no detail untouched. We always over deliver, preparing for any last-minute additions or changes. The design is complete and is ready for guest arrival!